“Not So Supernova”

Takeaway: Laugh while learning to adapt to what life throws at you.

Everything is an offer. This one-woman dramatic presentation is dynamic! Humorous! And heart-wrenching! Certainly not your everyday run-of-the-mill keynote. After hearing Shannon’s life story, your audience will thank you for the epic quantities of personal catharsis they will experience. From marrying a musician with all the accompanying stereo types, to crying oneself to sleep at night because a daughter was born from a different planet, Shannon’s show will have everyone connecting the dots. From parental blues only a working mom can sing, to breastfeeding disasters and teen angst, Shannon’s womanly wisdom rises. Embrace people who are not like you, accept change even when you don’t want it and find humor in unexpected places. Yes, everything is an offer.

“From H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks, No! to Yes, and… ”

Takeaway: Learn improvisational techniques to help you thrive in the workplace and beyond.

Shannon inspires by cutting to the core of what matters…resilience and the agility to adapt to change in the midst of personal and professional adversity. Her unique improvisational techniques shared in this keynote help professionals push through what seem to be insurmountable barriers to get to a place where “thrive” is the focus – even when they are so tired, they can’t see straight. Through interactive activity and maybe a cameo with a human cheese mascot, Shannon shares personal and ancestral stories that connect real life to “Yes” ideas and “Yes” decisions! Accept offers! Notice everything! Trust and support your partner! Turn fast! Make mistakes! Be vulnerable! Abundance can be real – Shannon can show you how.

“How Not To Let a 40 Hour Work Week Suck Your Soul”

Takeaway: Re-imagine your capacity, shift your paradigm, find previously unknown joy in the daily grind.

How can personal strengths free your soul at work? Can you truly arrive at work as your unique self, then contribute, grow and be satisfied? Through the art of reframing and humor Shannon shows audiences how to take this big step forward. Her manic antics, larger than life humor and storytelling genius will encourage women to write a new life chapter in which increased discretionary effort increases joy. This keynote is designed to elicit reflection and stir conversation after the event. It includes memorable improvisational techniques that will make post event follow-up fun and full of personal growth.

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