Shannon Milliman

Not so supernova, A one-woman play, A roller coaster of cosmic emotions and inspiration making peace and finding humor in life’s unmet expectations.

Shannon Milliman

CPTD, Storyteller and Interactive Educator

  • Changing identity crises to identity chrysalis.
  • Motivating poverty mindset to abundance mindset!
  • Leading you to write your own life script
  • Encouraging
  • Applying improv principles to build greater resiliency, agility and change capacity improve creativity, performance and profits by leveraging interactive improvisational techniques in impactful. Educational keynotes, workshops and emcee services.

Meet Shannon

Keynote Speaker, Shannon Milliman inspires with beautiful language, abundant expression and total commitment to re-framing life with humor, confidence and passion. Shannon is a resilience, agility and change expert. Have her share her signature one woman show, Not So Supernova in place of a stale keynote and you’ll never go back. Your people will love her more than lunch at your next conference. And the concepts explored will generate life-changing, professional-re-framing conversations that will ensue for months, years, not hours. She offers a variety of professional, exuberant keynote weaving improvisation techniques into work.

I help organizations improve creativity, performance and profits by leveraging improvisational techniques in an impactful, educational keynote presentation. I help professionals inhibited at work bring their real selves back into the workplace. I empower applying adult education theory merged with improvisation principles and give professionals bold new tools to embrace fear, encourage failure and love work more.

I help organizations create an empathetic culture.

I inspire emotional intelligence through the power of laughter.

I help you apply the concept of “yes, and” to make sure every voice is heard and to listen and support the ensemble.

I am a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance, this is the premiere credential for training and development practitioners offered by ATD Certification Institute. It is a broad-based certification and addresses ten areas of expertise as defined by the ATD Competency ModelMy expertise is credentialed which assures my experience will provide wisdom your group can confidently apply. My expertise is in these ten areas:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Training Delivery
  • Knowledge Management
  • Coaching
  • Integrated Talent Management
  • Managing Learning Programs
  • Evaluating Learning Impact
  • Learning Technologies
  • Instructional Design

I believe professionals possess powerful ideas and talents though they compartmentalize their greatest strengths and do not share them abundantly at work. By learning improvisation techniques and practicing them at work, professionals can change into powerful executives. They can be inspired and work with abundance mindsets. They can enjoy showing up to work. They can feel more free to bring their varied talents into the workplace. I teach ways to make this simple, relate-able and immediately implementable. I do this with a funny, affirming keynote address. Let us play, innovate, create and allow, mindfulness to find its way into a day’s work.

Those who can quickly and creatively adapt have a competitive advantage. I will help you and your team become more collaborative, innovative and excited about higher quality performance.

I can offer customized events for organizations, speaking services for conferences, and workshops for individuals or teams.

Professionally, I have championed talent in corporate as a corporate trainer, training supervisor, training and quality manager and have guided workforce development in the public sector creating learning programs, in environmental services and created competencies to maximize organizational development.

After working with me — individuals will experience personal catharsis and have the ability to identify their personal strengths more clearly and make a plan to use their talents more specifically at work right away.

After my keynote, organizations build better strategic visions and remember their greatest asset is their great people.

I’m the playwright and performer of the west to east coast, nationally performed, one-woman-show, Not So Supernova https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC5udU4L39A about the jagged edges of motherhood and marriage and the power in improvising when life does not give you what you expect.  Recent presentations include Epic Marriage Summit (online), ATD Cascadia (Portland, OR), Performer for Women at the Wilson – Women’s Retreat (Rupert, ID),  published poet in Sunstone Magazine and lead dancer for a Weiden & Kennedy produced music video presenting the band Ratatat (Portland, OR). 

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