The one-woman play, Not So Supernova

Experience energetic, real, raw, autobiographical theatre through Shannon Milliman’s one-woman play, Not So Supernova. Unlock the power of vulnerability and find personal clarity for why you are here on this earth, in this job, in this family, in this situation you never asked for. You will find reason to move forward with confidence and purpose.

Ride the cosmos in an emotional rocket ship through the light and dark of being a human, parent, dreamer and seeker of hope. You will experience Shannon’s powerful optimism and find strength in resolving your own unmet expectations that life delivers. Shannon will embolden you with the essence of an actor, the earnestness of a daydream believer and the grit of good, old-fashioned sensible, pull up your bootstraps innovative stick-to-itiveness.

Shannon gives high-energy enthusiasm, dynamic movement and extreme emotion in a performance that guides you to crave expression of your own metaphor, fortify individual strength and enhance emotional connections with the interpersonal relationships you navigate daily – especially the challenging ones. What you also get through Shannon’s play – something that sets it apart from all others – is that this show has the electricity of live theater, the sincerity of a visit with your best friend, and the affirmation that you/your specific talents/skills are precisely what the world needs to transform your reality. It is much more than a cutting-edge keynote.

Prepare to break the boundaries of possibility with Shannon Milliman’s Not So Supernova.