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You and everyone at your event will be empowered, inspired and elevated to an abundance mindset and a crave a new desire for peak performance in all aspects of work and life balance. Shannon merges heart, love, truth and a dash of irreverence in her graceful, feminine way. This one woman show is unique, gutsy and makes you think you really can be exactly who you are wherever you are-no need to fake it till you make it. Exist on your terms and find your personal polish. Your unique talents have worth and purpose. Shannon’s Not So Supernova stands alone. As an additional offering Shannon offers a powerful workshop that guides the audience through unweaving interpersonal conflicts they have at home, work or in their own family. In these interactive workshop sessions she combines powerful business philosophy and innovative strategic content for an unforgettable team building experience.

Why is Not So Supernova essential?
1) Increase individual and team performance. Idealism and art still work. You will lift your personal and professional ability beyond your expectations. Shannon’s performance is inspiring, charged and entertaining. You will find concepts that you retain because you will relate.

2) Break through barriers and apprehension. Observe, feel and connect with the power of breaking through fear.

3) Engage in interactive performances. In the workshop format you will find your team/family/group’s cohesive goals through interactive and fun strategic planning. Groups of all kinds have increased internal energy and unified as teams toward goals that work for them.

Kim Price, Shannon’s-husband’s-band’s-number-one-fan suddenly died of an unknown congenital heart disease at 40 and Shannon wrote a blog post about seeing Kim riding her bike with her trusty helmet and her two dogs trailing in her mind’s eye in heaven and it moved people. Kim’s mother. Her sister. Kim’s husband, And it was read at her funeral without Shannon knowing. Shannon’s words were edifying, healing. Something burned within her, telling her she had a gift and she had to use it.

Shannon’s depression era Grandmother died leaving a younger generation discerning her only as one dimensional. Her cousins only remembered she wouldn’t even share the wonder bread on her counter when they came to visit. Shannon felt impressed to elbow her way into the service and requested to speak. When she did she offered a gentle perspective, still honest to who Grandma was at her core and shared a side she knew as a young child of Grandma making homemade applesauce from the tree in her backyard and of a woman who was frugal in all things including emotions.

Shannon’s childhood to teenage ballet teacher, Miss Norma died and she sent a letter to her son to share the impact she made in her life and it was read at her funeral. “It always seems the grace I learned in dance, the patience I learned in the process, the humility I gained in correction, the happiness I felt in a grand tour jete is never very far away if I simply prep, arabesque, glissade and tour jete into that transitory preparatory step. Miss Norma’s steadiness, her calm approach and her belief that I was capable and talented has made me a better version of myself.”

When Shannon’s first child was stillborn and when hope seemed wanton she wrote her first published poem and inevitably discovered, though she did not seek it, the answers she pursued, the meanings she interpreted through creating in all its haggard forms was her destiny. Shannon discovered grasping for light at the darkest of night creation and sharing those creations was her purpose on this earth.

When a co-worker died at 36 and his memorial was stale, impersonal, ill-attended and the eulogist mispronounced his name and no one knew what to say about him Shannon felt an unquenchable fire within. She knew what to say, to do and she recognized this gift she has is unique. There was no one else who knew what to say, to do, not even the experts they turned to. There is opposition in all things but within that opposition Shannon has a special gift to use her presence, platform skills, communication punch and transform reality of those who find themselves “Not So Supernova.” When it matters, when something is at stake, when rerouting seems impossible, despair inevitable, Shannon’s gifts sustained, magnified and transformed the broken, the bruised, the “uncoachable.” Invite her and she will regenerate, the way only Shannon can, with stardust.