“Shannon Milliman’s One Woman Show was a thought provoking and emotionally charged look into the details of life – her life. Her’s is a life filled with glorious ups and downs through the very real moments that many of us have experienced as women. During some parts of the play, I was relating, during other parts, I was genuinely feeling like I was experiencing something for the first time. It was honest. It was raw. It was heartfelt. At the end, I sincerely wanted to keep watching her life unfold. I look forward to a sequel in 15 years as she continues to write her story through the next chapters of her life. – Brandy Nelson, Nurturing With Nutrition

“Real life comedy filled with real life drama.” – Ryan Nelson, Automotive Industry

“This incredibly engaging look at one woman’s life speaks openly of things in the dark corners of love, marriage and raising children. Heartbreakingly humorous, Milliman has the audiences in tears through the good the bad and the hilarious. A truly impressive solo performance done with great energy and total commitment.” – Joe Rizzo KSRM News

“It was a delightful experience watching Shannon Milliman perform her completely fresh and original “Not so Supernova” play. Her presence and energy completely pulls you in and her personal, unfiltered satirical slice of an experienced remarkable life brings smiles, laughter and surprise at her raw honesty. She is gifted and a natural. Not a puffed up actress. Not to be missed. You will be completely surprised and lifted up a big notch in appreciation for the good and beautiful things in life.” – Scott Nokleby, Marketing Executive