About Shannon Milliman

Keynote Speaker, Shannon Milliman inspires with beautiful language, abundant expression and total commitment to re-framing life with humor, confidence and passion. Have her share her signature one woman show, Not So Supernova in place of a stale keynote and you’ll never go back. Your people will love her more than lunch at your next conference. And the concepts explored will generate life-changing, professional-re-framing conversations that will ensue for months, years, not hours. Book her for a professional, exuberant keynote weaving improv techniques into work. 

Shannon Milliman is A Hope Harbinger. She is a workplace positivity expert, an improv igniter. She is enthusiasm encapsulated. Give her your tired, your poor, your huddled masses and with them she will breath the misty life breath of her youth fishing with her father on the Kenai River, the wonder of running through an Oregon lavender field with her five mirror image children, the grit of a gutsy teenager who ate a fish heart to impress a boy on a dare and ultimately, the professionalism of a wise, tree of life woman who employs her unique talents and gifts to benefit a world needing uplift.

The vibrance that runs through Shannon’s veins translates to exuberant, professional communication prowess. Her quick wit, technical training, learning & development skills and approachability will transform your audience to achieve greater commitment and purpose to their life’s works. A boss that Shannon fired for firing Shannon called her “the best communicator she has ever known.” Eat your heart out, boss lady. Look at ‘er now.

She will inspire an individual and a team to take risks, bring their talents fearlessly. Shannon weaves all forms of performance into rich content including dance and movement; she’s been a lead dancer in Wieden & Kennedy produced music video. Modeling for Aveda Dosha Salon and independent fashion designers she has learned first-hand that blondes really do have more fun.

Her professional experience spans ten years improving morale through corporate training, facilitation, learning design, training and quality management working for the runner up largest retailer in America serving technology and customer service learning progress (Give her a break, she’s Not “So” Super…nova, a second place retail win is decent!). Shannon’s vision expanded through public service managing the learning and development program within City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services where her drive inspires heightened discretionary effort and creates learning reformation.

She studied theatre and achieved a BA in English from Brigham Young University and studied memoir writing through the Attic Institute in Portland. Shannon performs her energetic, original, autobiographical one-woman play for intimate settings and larger audiences. Not So Supernova is a great fit for conferences of all kinds, especially women’s retreats, new mom groups, marriage retreats and work life balance efforts. She speaks for organizations, associations, businesses and provides supporting action oriented workshops tailored to group needs. Her audiences have talents, skills, knowledge and abilities yet long for greater fortitude to fulfill their potential. They find themselves coming up short. Sometimes they don’t think they are quite enough. They compare themselves to others who are doing more. If you and your team seek light, life, virtue, beauty and more purpose in the moments, minutes, milleniums, it is time you shoot for the stars, time you channel your inner meteorite and time you get inspired by Not So Supernova.