Not So Supernova (a one woman play, put it in your keynote slot and you’re audience will thank you)

Finding humor in life’s unexpected situations, learning to embrace the diversity in your life. Marry a musician. Birth a daughter nothing like you. From breastfeeding faux pas to teen drama to see what chaos ensues. Learning to adapt with agility, celebrate diversity

Make Cheese out of Spilled Milk – Embracing Change and Diversity Around You
It’s everyone else’s fault. Realizing personal accountability, motivating stewardship and laughing about what we do to find resolution when conditions are not ideal and navigating active paths for improved patterns.

Breast Feeding Inspiration From A 5 time (6 if you count the time she breastfed her little brother) Expert Laugh and be inspired through stories and antics of a devoted mother committed to breastfeeding and championing allies everywhere

Say “Yes” to the Improv – Risk-taking, Goal-setting and Increasing Productivity
Incorporating theatre techniques to professional and interpersonal relations. Make progress possible with re-framing
Manic antics, larger than life humor and story development that convinces you that your time, talents and contributions can be employed better at work. Increase discretionary effort and increase joy in life and work.

Dance for Life – Movement in Professional Presentations to Persuade and Negotiate
So, you are not a dancer so you want to avoid this one. Take pause, for in body expression confidence grows and ability improves. Leap into success your way and find harmony with your team.

Championing Family and Nature Connection
More green, less screen? Adjust your default settings and breathe deeper and more fully. Perfect for a family or couples retreat.

How Not To Let a 40 Hour Work Week Suck Your Soul – Strategies to Identifying Personal Strengths and Free Your Soul and Team